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Our Church

Our Session

Most decisions for the life of a congregation are made by the Session. These range from providing for the worship, education and spiritual nurture of people in the congregation to managing the physical property of the church and adopting a budget.


The Session is the ruling body of our church. It has executive powers as a group and pastoral responsibility. They generally meet monthly. The Pastor serves as the Moderator of the Session. 

Five Elders are installed each year in January. Each is inducted for a 3-year term. Each candidate is ordained as an Elder for life during worship, prior to being inducted.  

We currently have 15 Elders serving on our Session.



Our current Elders are:


Class of 2023

Shirley Ann Bayne

Cindy Bireley

Aaron McElroy

Doug McKay

Roy Walker

Class of 2024

Daniel Buckalew

Jackie Holloway

Erika Marshall

Mike Popik

Aruna Ratnavibhushana

Class of 2025

Donna Chabot

Mort Chiles

Mike Fleming

Rebecca Paxton

Bill Watson

The new class of Elders was ordained and installed on January 29.

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