Bob and Kristi Rice

A letter from Bob and Kristi Rice serving in South Sudan

Update from Bob and Kristi Rice

April 25, 2018

Dear CPC sisters and brothers,

Greetings to you from South Sudan! We are excited to share with some of the exciting things that we see God doing around us during this busy season. We are grateful for your prayers, and hope that you are encouraged with us by how God has been at work. 

Current Newsletter:  Healing Wounds in South Sudan

Nyakuma shared openly with the students about her own father, how he was distant, unsupportive, and unkind to her as a child. When she graduated from vocational training school, he was the only parent who did not come up to hug his child when her name was announced. Her voice broke with emotion as she shared the disappointment of that day, and how difficult it has been to forgive her father. Nyakuma was seated in a chair, as Bob, representing the Heavenly Father, reached out his arms to her and welcomed her to come to him. Omot, standing in front of Bob to block Nyakuma’s view of him, represented her earthly father, just as he blocked Nyakuma from experiencing the love and care of God as our heavenly parent. When Nyakuma was able to forgive her father, Omot slipped out of view, and Nyakuma was able to come freely to Bob's embrace. The poignancy and personal testimony of this drama touched the students deeply, and were significant parts of Nyakuma's teaching about God as a Loving Father.

e celebrate the miracle of healing and forgiveness that we see among people in South Sudan, a light of hope in the midst of much suffering and ongoing conflict in this beleaguered young country. Thank you again for your prayers for God's work here, your financial contributions that enable us to be present with the church, and your care to read and follow what is going on. We always love to hear from you, and would be happy to join you in prayer also for the needs and work of God that you see around you.  


Blessings in Christ,


Bob and Kristi

Praise/Prayer Requests:

1. PRAISE God for providing for a meaningful training in Rwanda on reconciliation, and for open doors to share this message in South Sudan.

2. PRAISE - for a good first semester of teaching for Bob. Pray for wisdom and energy to finish well, and preparations for next semester.

3. Pray for a reconciliation workshop we will do in Juba next week - for God's spirit to reveal His heart and bring healing and forgiveness. 


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